Charleston Lake (254) & Murphy’s Point (257) Sep 2016

Our last 2 trips for this year. Both times we left on Friday after work so we were onsite and set up by around 6:30-7:00 pm.

We enjoyed being on the water site at Charleston in the spring so took the same site again. The water was much lower so messier to get in but enjoyed the weekend. Did a little more fishing this time and did get a couple of bass (released). This Tarpon kayak is just so much fun to paddle and fish from.

A quick edit Jan 2017 to see if I can link to video – if this works then you will see me out for a paddle on the lake through a YouTube channel.

Had a big storm roll through Saturday night (tornado watch) but as usual it wasn’t nearly as bad as it sounded. When we got home we did find that we had lost a tree in the front yard due to the wind.

The next weekend we were at Murphy’s Point on a site Denise liked but had always been booked. The drive to the park is twisty, around one turn was a deer just 3 feet off the road, and around another turn was a flock of turkeys crossing the road.

A nice big site but like many at this park, not very level. It was nice to be able to tie the kayak up just down a bit of a slope from the site. The weather was iffy all weekend although there was not much rain, but it was always threatening. It was much quieter here than the last weekend at Charleston. I paddled out to the Big Rideau but after a bit the clouds started to gather. I didn’t get wet but it did rain at our site. I had fun with the GoPro also, but can’t upload video to this site unless I upgrade to a paid version – bummer.

So that’s it for camping this year, but in 3 months I can start reserving for next year! Now that Denise has her paperwork done to cross the border (and will soon have a new hip) we will be looking at camping in Adirondack Park.

Next thing to do – winterize the trailer! No falling off ladders allowed!



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