Summer 2017

After an incredibly wet spring it finally feels like summer might get here. We had a camping trip to Adirondack Park in New York State all booked and we were getting packed and ready to go, when our 4 legged pal Toby started having some serious health issues. We had planned to bring him with us but with the realization that a vet might be hard to find or get to in a new area, and that we might have issues coming or going over the border, so at the last minute we decided to just stay home. As it turned out, after a few scary weeks he seems to be better now, at least temporarily.

So the next trip planned is a 2 night paddle in site on Big Rideau Lake. I’m heading out tomorrow on my own with the kayak and hammock (and what still looks like alot of stuff). Forecast is pretty good for the weekend and I’m not going too far so it will be an interesting experiment!

Figuring out packing has been fun but basically everything fits into a medium sized duffel bag. Items I needed to get were pretty inexpensive on Amazon (mini stove, cookset, tarp, water purification etc) but getting it all set up and working will be a bit of an adventure. Should be fun!



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