2017-06-18 Algonquin Park

This spring we visited Pog Lake again with Chris and Rod. We had ‘across the road” sites which worked out great. We all arrived on Sunday, got set up, and had a great evening. Denise is still not at 100% mobility with her hip, Rod was having some issues with walking, my arm was still not right, so there were enough medical issues to go around. Even so, Chris and Rod had their bikes, and we had our bikes together with canoe and kayak.


Lunch stop in Barry’s Bay

A quick shower blew through before sunset, resulting in some nice rain pictures.


Water view from our campsite


On Monday we headed to Toronto for Brian’s York University graduation ceremonies (Graphic Design). We were lucky to have a beautiful day and enjoyed our quick trip and visit.


Always interesting to visit our largest city.

It made for a long day of driving, so it was around 11pm when we finally turned onto Hwy 60 from Huntsville to the park. With another hour to go, we were both worried about wildlife on the road. We had not seen another vehicle for ages, when around a corner there was a cow moose and her calf in the middle of the road. Since I was going pretty slowly we were able to stop and watch  them make their way back into the bush – but we were doubly watchful the rest of the way.

In general the weather was pretty good, but we did have showers especially Thursday night and part of Friday. That prompted Chris and Rod to decide leave a day early on Friday. In between we did get some paddling, biking, and sight-seeing in.

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The campground was quiet the whole week, but even on Friday night we could sense it was going to be noisier and more crowded for the weekend. There is much to be said for visiting the parks in spring or fall.

Of course Saturday when we left turned out beautiful and the drive home was pretty uneventful.


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