scan0011We have camped for 30 years by ourselves, with one, two, and then three children. We have run the gamut from lean-to, tarp and tent, to popup trailer, back to tent, back to popup, and now a new to us travel trailer. Although I have always wanted to do back country camping, so far we have been sticking to provincial or national parks, with the occasional private campground thrown in. Our goal is to keep campingĀ as organized and as simple as possible. As we are not quite retired, our camping is limited to summer months. Some of this blog will be catchup, but I will try to keep it updated as we undertake new travels.

I’m not going to spend alot of time on our early camping trips. Most of those were before digital photography, so honestly there are not many pictures. We bought our last popup just 3 years ago and only kept it for 2 years before getting our travel trailer. However we did a great trip to New Brunswick with it and another to the Temagami regionĀ in Ontario so I will start with those trips and then work my way to the present. I’ll also throw in some non-camping pictures now and then if we happen to be somewhere that I think is interesting.

My short term goal is to get more comfortable pulling the 20′ camper and learning as much as I can about it. Longer term, who knows where we may go with it.